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Ankle Fractures

Ankle Fractures are one of the most common lower extremity fractures. These fractures can cause gross deformities and long term consequences if normal anatomy is not restored properly. These injuries are frequently associated with falls and inversion injuries. Immediate weight bearing is usually not possible due to the unstable nature of the fracture. Once medical attention is seeked for e.g via paramedics, they will stabilize the fracture and take you to the emergency department.

X-rays are taken to confirm the diagnosis. Oftentimes I consider getting CT scans if I suspect multiple fragmentary fractures. The ankle, if grossly dislocated, is set in place by reducing the deformity in the ED under local anesthesia and mild sedation. Patients are usually placed in a cast or a protective boot with non weight bearing. Unless the fracture is open and bones are exposed, these injuries are usually dealt with on an outpatient basis.

Treatment usually depends on the type of the fracture. Non weight bearing in a Boot can be a proper treatment choice for certain patient types and injuries. More often than not surgical correction is needed. This is attained by open reduction internal fixation of the fracture in which we use plates and screws to reduce the fracture and maintain its normal restored position.

Post-operatively, cast or boot is utilized to protect the extremity and patients are non weight-bearing for 4-6 weeks followed by physical therapy. Although most patients have a predictable course of recovery there are some that suffer from long term consequences of such injuries.

We have years of experience on putting ankle back together. ER and Urgent Care will refer you to "their" doctor; however, you have a choice of who you see. Call us we are available to see you in Hickman hospital, Chelsea Hospital and HFAH hospital. We are also available to see you urgently at the time of the injury or after your visit at the urgent care or hospital.

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