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Custom Orthotics

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Custom orthotics are vital in most foot and ankle conditions. Foot structure, genetics, work activity and shoe choice are just some of the reasons lower extremity pain occurs. Just like with construction of a building or home if the foundation is not perfect the structure will be unstable. The human body is no different!

We create our orthotics with a 3D IPAD scanner and pressure system to assess your feet. No more plaster or foam box.

Our Orthotics can be made for dress shoes, running shoes, work boots, golf shoes and more. Our orthotic lifespan is 3-5 years and offer refurbishing for $50 to your old orthotics.

​Insurance coverage is dependent on what type you have. Medicare, priority, BCN, united health care are just some companies that DO NOT cover orthotics. Most BCBS plans do cover these items and the office will assist you on authorization. However, purchase of orthotics are covered by your Flex Spending and HSA accounts.

Some condition that we can help with properly made custom orthotics are:

  • Back Pain Knee Pain Hip Pain Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis Heel Spurs

  • Metatarsalgia Morton Neuroma's Bunion Pain Hammertoe Arch Pain

  • Foot Strains Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Diabetic Ulcers Charcot Deformity

  • Bursitis Flatfeet High Arch Feet Foot Fatigue Capsulitis Etc.

Call us to schedule your appointment to get your custom pair of orthotics.

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