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Being a foot and ankle surgeon I dedicate my time treating such conditions but as a 33 year old male I focus some time on my health. Some interesting studies have continued to focus on the importance of exercise. One study out of the European union directly relates TV time and low sperm count. Having 3 girls and enjoy nights of watching my Toronto Maple Leafs I thought this was the reason I do not have a boy! However, sperm motility, sperm morphology, and sample volume had no associations with physical activity. Another study out of Pacific Alzheimer's Research Foundation showed a direct relationship with mental health and older women. In a randomized, single-blind trial, women who lifted weights had significant improvements in memory tasks after 6 months, compared with women in a control group who worked on balance and stretching. The analysis provides evidence that resistance training has benefits in terms of cognition.This may or may not benefit males, researchers stated. Every day I perform physical examination on diabetic patients and discuss risk factors for their lower extremities. I take the time to discuss several important articles that further proves the notion of exercise. A study out of University in Winston-Salem, N.C. losing weight and improving physical fitness preserved mobility in overweight people with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is growing in prevalence and one consequence is reduced mobility, leads to loss of muscle mass, impairs glucose storage and clearance. Loss of mobility also puts patients at risk for loss of independence and impairs their quality of life. The trial began in 2001 and the researchers reported outcomes from 5,016 volunteers who completed four years of the programs. The type of exercise was not important but the fact they kept up with exercise. Finally the last article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism by MacKenzie et al. stated an hour worth of continuous exercise in hypoxic conditions improves glycemic control among patients with type 2 diabetes. Therefore 60 minutes of moderate exercise in a over 1.5 miles led to significant improvements in glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity, These study results built on earlier research by the same group. In a study released last year, they found that a single bout of moderate intensity exercise increased glucose metabolism during and following exercise in type 2 diabetes. The bottom line for men and women equally is exercise, sit less, and do it more often. A great resource to get started is a program in Canada called Participaction ( ) there website offers free information for adults and teens...."Get fit and have fun" If you are interested in any of the articles I referenced please contact me.

Darryl J.Martins D.P.M.,FACFAS

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