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Internal Brace- Lateral Ankle Reconstruction

Ankle sprains are one of the most common sports injuries encountered. One of the main ligaments that stabilizes the ankle joint, Anterior-Talo Fibular ligament (ATFL) is often the one that is either sprained or completely torn in inversion type ankle sprains.

Untreated ankle sprains result in ankle instability. One of the main complains patients have is that they lack stability while walking/running and the ankle “gives out” resulting in repeated sprains.

Brostrum- Gould has long been the surgical treatment of choice, which involves primary repair of the ATFL ligament. Often, the Calcaneo-Fibular ligament needs to be addressed as well.

Internal Brace, by Arthrex, is now becoming the standard of care when it comes to repair of the ATFL and CFL ligaments. Primary repair of the ligament still remains the mainstay of the procedure but it is now reinforced via bone anchors and a suture tape is inserted in the Fibula and Talus along the natural course of the ATFL ligament. This suture tape acts as a “seatbelt” of sorts preventing the ankle from giving out if the primary repair fails.

To learn more about this condition and treatment click below and call one of our experienced surgeons to help address you unstable ankle.

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