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Leneva Fat Pad Restoration

As one ages our feet change with some developing hammertoes, metatarsalgia, neuroma's and other chronic foot pain in the ball of the foot. All these conditions can be related to fat atrophy with less padding at the ball of the foot. Most over the counter orthotic stop at the metatarsal not helping or supporting the foot in this condition.

This lack of fat can causing many painful conditions but also increase pressure in neuropathic patients including diabetics. As the pressure increases patients will either walk and/ or stand differently to reduce pain in the area, causing other compensation pain. In diabetics, wound, ulcerations, and pressure sores develop causing infections and possible amputations.

In our experience patients are given 3 options:

  1. Use of full length custom orthotics to reduce pressure in the area.

  2. Reconstructive surgery to release tension of tendons and moving bones to different area.

  3. Injection of synthetic fat into the area that have lost its fat.

To learn more about this type of minimally invasive and office base procedure watch this video.

To see of you are a candidate for this procedure, call or message us for a in-person or virtual appointment.

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