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Sports Injuries

Sporting injuries are very common in the athletic population and also in the ‘weekend warrior’ athlete. These injuries can cause significant morbidity if not addressed quickly and adequately. Injuries to the foot and ankle are common in all sports. These can be due to direct trauma or due to overuse or a combination.

Common injuries that affect the foot and ankle are:

Ankle sprains and ligament ruptures

Ankle Fractures

Tibial/Pilon fractures

Stress fractures



Sesamoid fracture

Lisfranc fracture/dislocation

Calcaneal fractures

Metatarsal fractures

Toe fractures

Diagnosis is made both clinically and using X-rays. Oftentimes advanced imaging is required. In the acute setting, the injured extremity needs to be stabilized and pain control is provided. Surgical intervention varies on a case to case basis. Long term these injuries can result in arthritis and deformity which requires further intervention.

We see a multitude of these injuries in our practice. If you have an acute injury or suffer from long term complications of any foot and ankle injury, please see one of our expert doctors and discuss treatment options.

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