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What is a Baby Bunion?

Baby bunions or "Tailor’s" bunion, is a very common reason of pain on the outside of the foot. Patients usually complain of pain around the 5th toe. Pain is brought upon by wearing constricting shoes which can result in irritation of the skin around the head of the 5th metatarsal and result in bursitis. At times, skin hardens around the bone to form a callus which can be even more painful. Typically seen with tight fitted shoes like dance shoes, golf shoes, hockey skates, high heels, etc.

I usually start with a detailed history and a complete physical exam were we usually get digital X-Rays in the office to confirm the diagnosis and devise a treatment plan.

Many a times, simple shoe gear modification and custom orthotics will do the job. When that doesn’t work, surgical treatment is considered. However, with some sports having a tighter shoe is needed to feel the ground and or ball.

Choice of the surgical procedure varies patient to patient and is based on a few parameters. Not one procedure works for everyone.

Often times only a “bumpectomy” is needed where we just shave off the bone that’s causing the problem. On occasion we have to perform a osteotomy to move the bone over medially so it doesn’t irritate the skin any more. Surgical technique vary but a MIS (minimally invasive surgery) works very well for these procedures.

Usually one or two screw is utilized to hold the correction in place. MIS surgery can always be considered for this. This is a same day procedure so you go home the day of surgery in a Post operative shoe or Boot. No weight bearing restrictions are usually in place. If you would learn a little more about this condition and treatment options come see me.

Dr. Danniyal Shahid DPM, MD


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