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Dr Katie Zweck DPM

She is a board qualified podiatrist in the American Academy of Foot and Ankle Surgeons who believes in a holistic approach to treating patients. Although specializing in the foot and ankle, she believes that you have to look at the entire body as a whole to treat any condition. Dr. Zweck treats patients of all ages from newborns to adults, recognizing that we all need healthy feet no matter our age!

As a native from the Chicago-land area, she grew up dancing and fostering a love for the outdoors. She attended undergrad at the University of Illinois and completed her medical school training at Dr. William M. Scholl school of podiatric medicine in North Chicago. After medical school, she completed a prestigious residency program in Texas where she also learned how to lasso a calf and ride a horse, becoming a connoisseur in Texas BBQ. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her twin girls and her husband finding the best local coffee shops and enjoying the beautiful nature that Michigan has to offer.

Full Privileges & Proud Member of:

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