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We is now offering SAME DAY FOOT & ANKLE APPOINTMENTS for injuries! We can evaluate, diagnose, AND treat most PODIATRY injuries right in our office, so you don’t have to wait AND you don’t have to use expensive and time consuming emergency rooms.

Let us help you get back to doing what you love AND FAST! If you have an Foot or Ankle Condition and need to see the doctor,  call our office at 517-879-4241 for your Same Day appointment!

Save Time. Save Money. Feel Better!

Urgent Care Services Include:

.When Should You Go to the ER?


Certain injuries require the attention of a hospital’s emergency room staff.  Those injuries would include:

  • Compound (Open) fractures with exposed bone

  • Traumatic injuries with severe blood loss and visible bone deformity

  • Serious automobile accidents

  • Deep cuts or lacerations with vascular injury

  • Crushed limb(s)


Don't wait in the waiting room for hours and pay thousands of dollars jut to be referred. Call us today

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