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VA Community Care- Preferred Provider

The VA Community Care Network (CCN) is VA’s direct link with community providers to ensure Veterans receive timely, high-quality care. CCN uses industry-standard approaches and guidelines to administer services, pay for services promptly, and manage the network to its full potential. Our clinic has been apart of this network for several years and understands the steps to allow patients to be seen quickly and near their home. If you or a family member would like to be seen please call the patient's PCP to request a referral to our office regarding your specific condition and we will do the rest.

Conditions Typically Seen

  • Diabetic Ulcerations

  • Warts

  • Painful Arthritis

  • Diabetic preventative care

  • Foot deformities ( bunions/ hammertoes)

  • Ingrown Nails

We are available to evaluate and treat all foot & ankle conditions

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