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Achilles SpeedBridge Repair

Achilles tendinosos is very common ailment causing pain in the posterior leg. It is often associated with “Haglund’s deformity” (attach link here for haglunds from our website) and Retrocalcaneal exostosis.

Treatment usually resection of the bony prominence (before and after pictures above) after careful reflection of the achilles tendon from the calcaneus. Debridement of the achilles tendon is all often required to remove all diseased tendon.

The Achilles speedbridge system is then used to reattach the achilles tendon securely on the freshened calcaneus. This repair enables an hourglass pattern of FiberTape suture to be laid over the tendon’s distal end in a completely knotless 4-anchor configuration. The Achilles SpeedBridge repair provides rigid tendon fixation with improved tendon-to-bone contact such that immediate postoperative weightbearing and range of motion are possible.

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