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Reconstruction/ Talar Spatial Frames

External fixation devices are a marvel of medical advancement which provides a unique way of addressing lower extremity deformity. The construct includes rings, pins and half pins which are applied to the limb percutaneously to provide fixation. Indications include trauma, charcot deformity, limb length discrepancy, limb deformities, infections and muscle flaps. The device can be designed for patients to be weight bearing if required.

Many times the device is used in conjunction with internal fixation to provide a ‘super-construct’ which provides excellent stability to the limb. Pilon fractures, comminuted ankle fractures often require application of ‘delta frames’ to provide stability to the limb due to poor soft tissue associated with these injuries which make internal fixation impossible.

Circular static frames and spatial frames are utilized for patients with complex deformity. The spatial frames can provide three dimensional stability and correction. These are often used when deformity correction is done in stages.

Muscle flaps are often done on patients with limb deformities and infections. These frames are applied after the surgery to provide absolute stability to the surgical site. Attached are a few examples.

Our doctors have experience with different structures available on the market and underwent additional training on each of these frames.

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