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Ugly Toenails Eh?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

As the summer months enter and the temperature allows sandal season both women and men start looking at their feet wondering some new changes. The winter months at the best time for fungal injections; warm, moist, confined area is what fungus needs to live and spread. Nails will change color, become thicker, and noticeable.As for skin the intersperses between the toes may become dry or even macerated with the entire foot itchy, dry, red, and spreading. A study published in Journal of the American Podiatric Medicine Association in 2012 showed that nail fungal after the use of specific protocol including laser van have clinical cure. This study followed 26 eligible toes for 9 months with laser treatment 4 times over 9 months and daily nail care with use of topical anti fungal cream for surrounding skin.  Each treatment consisted of the use of Noveon ( ) of two exposures directed at the toenail: a 4-min exposure simultaneously and a second exposure for 2 min.

The studies showed, 38% of the treated population had negative culture and microscopy, qualifying as ‘‘mycological cures.’’ These mycological cures occurred in cases categorized as mild, moderate, and even severe disease. At 180 days, 85% yes 85% of the eligible treated toenails were  improved by clear nail linear extent 65% showed at least 3 mm and 26% showed at least 4 mm of clear nail growth. Of the 16 toes with moderate to severe involvement, ten (63%) improved, as shown by clear nail growth of at least 3 mm. These studies over a coarse of several months have positive outcome. What are the other options?

Topical treatment: has showed only a 21% improvement aloneOral medication: 72% effective; however, one must monthly assess your liver function testing for 3 months. Side effects - metallic taste for the duration of therapy- 3 monthsLaser: therapy: (82%) treatment over the coarse of 1 year has shown to clear a nail 82% without unnecessary lab draws and daily medications.

Within our clinic we has shown success with four 20 min. laser therapy for fungal nail conditions.We feel strongly on long term outcomes and therefore have offered patients that undergone 1 year laser therapy for fungal nails any addition laser treatments for $25. We  recommend yearly treatments to reduce to risk of re-occurrence which has shown benefits in controlled trials.. Evidence base medicine is imperative, solid outcomes is what we perfect. 

Darryl J. Martins DPM

106 S Cooper St.

Jackson, MI,49201

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