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Ultramist Therapy for Difficult Ulcerations

DocMartins FAC is now offering a new cutting edge treatment for wound care called: the Sanuwave UltraMist.

By using low-contact, painless, and low-frequency ultrasound therapy this new device heals both acute and chronic wounds. If you suffer from wounds that haven't responded to other treatment methods or even affect your quality of life and pose a threat to your health, the Sanuwave UltraMist could be a great option for you.

The therapy is entirely painless and has been used by healthcare professionals for more than a decade. It helps with a multitude of other wound healing concerns such as controlling wound bacteria and inflammation, healing tissue perfusion, reducing biofilm, helping heal and create blood vessels, and more.

This technology has already proven to be successful. In a meta-analysis of the Sanuwave UltraMist patient results, it was found that there was a significant area and volume reduction of the treated wound(s), significant pain reduction, and about 2 month average healing time. The meta-analysis also found that in multiple different types of wounds and ulcers, the rate of wound closure increased from 24% to 42% using the UltraMIST over a period of 12 weeks.

If you are suffering from any sort of wound, whether it be a diabetic foot ulcer, pressure ulcer, venous leg ulcer, or more, the UltraMIST could be the therapy your body needs to heal.

To learn more and to find out if this can help your ulceration healed call or book an appointment online today. Stay tuned for some before and after pictures in the near future.

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